for Individual-Lesson Study with Eve Hubbard

Enrollment in the program assumes acceptance of these policies.

This is how I make my living.  Space is made in the schedule for students who commit to enrolling all year.  Accommodations are made for some summer vacation weeks,
A) STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO ENROLL ALL YEAR, INCLUDING THE SUMMER.  Continuous, year-round enrollment is assumed until you tell your teacher otherwise. A spot in the fall schedule will not be guaranteed for those who do not enroll for at least 4 lessons during the summer.
B) Students are also expected to attend AT LEAST 70% of group lessons and events.
C) New students are expected to commit to at least a year of study.

II) DISCONTUING LESSONS:  A 30-day notice is expected if you plan to stop studying with me.  
If you give notice at the last lesson of a semester or at the end of summer vacation, you will still be liable for 30 more days of fees. A refund will be given for any lessons for which you have paid beyond the required 30 days notice.

If you want to change teachers, discuss the matter with me and everything will be done to facilitate the change. 

I have devoted a spot in the schedule to you.  And I spend a lot of time on your behalf (group lessons, concerts, and more) that isn't tallied in your bill. It is extremely difficult to rearrange a full schedule.  I will make-up lessons under the conditions listed below. 
Please do not ask for exceptions; such discussions put a strain on our relationship. 
Lessons missed for conflicts not covered in the policy will be forfeited unless students find another student who can switch lesson times with them.
I don’t check email every day and sometimes computers don’t work!
CELL:  336-580-5046. Leave messages any time. 
1) ILLNESS:  Do not come to in-person lessons sick.  I have no sick-pay.
     I have a computer connection in my studio.  If you suspect you have a cold, or worse, please call or text me and I will be sure to open my Zoom meeting room at your lesson time. 
If I suspect I have a cold, or worse, I will not share my germs with you either!  I will let you know and we will have remote lessons. 
The Zoom meeting room number and password will be emailed to all students. 
    --If you come into my studio with an illness, I will send you away and the lesson will be forfeit.
    --If you are too sick to have a remote lesson, you may schedule a makeup IF you telephone/text me before 1:00 p.m. the day of the lesson.  

2) TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES: If a well-planned remote lesson has unforeseen technical problems that interrupt the lesson, we will make it up.  This does not include problems from lack of preparation, like batteries running low.
3) EMERGENCIES: We will reschedule in the case of emergency.
     Examples of emergencies:
     --A flat tire on your way to a lesson,
     --You or a family member has been hospitalized and you can't attend a remote lesson.
     If the difficulty doesn't interfere with a lesson on Zoom, please call to let me know you need a remote           lesson at your regular time.
4)  CONFLICTS WITH REQUIRED WORK OR SCHOOL ACTIVITIES, OR MAJOR RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS (not social events, birthdays or church picnics):  If I am notified at least one week in advance, each student may make up a total of 2 lessons per year for such conflicts.  You know these days are coming.  Please plan ahead.
5) BAD WEATHER: In the case of ice, snow, or severe storms, I will let you know whether I will be teaching in person or remotely. If I have electrical power, I will send students an email and I will leave an announcement on the home page of my website saying whether or not I will be in my studio. I will also leave an outgoing message on my cell phone, 336-580-5046, to say if lessons will be held.  If I am teaching in my studio, you may choose either to attend in person or remotely.  Please call or text to tell me your choice.  If we don't have power and it's unsafe to drive, we'll make it up.
6) TEACHER ABSENCE:  I will make up any lessons I cancel.
7) GROUP LESSONS will not be made up.
8) If your conflict isn’t covered in the makeup policy, you may switch lesson times with someone. Notice lesson lengths & tell me about the switch. All students involved in the switch are responsible for keeping it straight.
9) The summer makeup policy is more lenient.  Please find that information of "Part 1" of the summer lesson schedule form.  Click, above, on "enrollment forms" and then on the schedule form for this summer.