December 6, 2017

Dear Students and Families of Greensboro Strings:

Members of Group F are leading some of our songs at the Holiday Sing-Along.  When they practiced leading at group lesson last Mon., some of them were a bit timid.   I spoke to them about leadership and why they can lead with extroverted confidence.  I want all of our students to hear this message. 

I have 3 pieces of good news for leaders in our situation.  One is that the greatest risk we face when we take up leadership responsibilities is minor embarrassment.  In our case, nothing horrible will go wrong if we make a mistake.  The second is that we're in front of the friendliest, most compassionate audience you will find.  Everyone there is cheering you on.  This is the place to "go out on a limb".  And, third, most of our mistakes are just plain old funny.  You must be willing to be a fool to be a leader.  Use your mistakes as a chance to laugh together. 

I told the group on Mon. that our students should be leaders because they are intelligent, conscientious, talented, creative, humorous, kind, and moral.   But I left out what is probably the most important thing.  I neglected to say that they are like this because each and every one of them is well-loved and well-parented.  That makes them among the most fortunate in the world.  It makes them mentally and emotionally secure.  They are well-balanced people who have an obligation to lead.  They are the kinds of people we need in charge. All of our students are becoming the people who have the strength and clear-sightedness to make decisions that will have a good effect on everyone.  If they don't have the courage to step forward and give strong leadership, who will?  Mustering the courage to give a strong musical cue is a good starting place.

I take great joy in being a part of the process with you!  Keep up the good work!

I look forward to enjoying beauty and laughter with you at our concert on Mon.

Lots of love,