Dear Students and Parents:

Every year we give recognition to students for certain achievements.  Certificates of recognition are given at our year-end event, the Group Showcase Concert in five areas: book graduation, group lessons attendance, concert attendance, 100 days or more of consecutive days of practice, and 50 hours of cumulative practice.  Here are the guidelines.



BOOK GRADUATION: If you have learned all of the Twinkle Variations or finished a Suzuki book since last year’s Group Showcase Concert, you will receive a Book Graduation Certificate.


For the students who have had perfect attendance and for students who have had high percentage (at least 90%) attendance.  You are considered to have perfect attendance if you come to every group lesson and event that has been scheduled for you.  

Events or groups scheduled for other students are not counted in your attendance requirement, however Dr. Suzuki wanted us to observe as often as possible.  If you want to come watch/listen to another group or someone else’s recital, you are always welcome.


You need to hear and see serious musical performances, particularly performances on the instrument you’re studying.  Students who attend 10 or more concerts (not including those in which they perform) in a school year will receive recognition at our year-end event.   6 of the 10 concerts must have performers on violin, viola or cello.   Submit a list of the concerts you attended along with the dates.

Where can you find concerts to attend? 

-- Free concerts given by students and faculty at area colleges.

--Any professional group.  Area professional performing groups include: Greensboro Symphony, Winston-Salem Symphony, UNCG’s Concert/Lecture series and Bel Canto choir. 

--The Philharmonia, the Civic Band and the Choral Society 

sponsored by the City’s Parks and Recreation Department. 

--Any musical theater or opera production.

--Churches and schools.

--Greensboro Symphony Youth Orchestras.


Regular practice produces results.  To encourage the development of this habit we have the 100-Day Practice Club.  Students who practice 100 consecutive days receive recognition at the next event (recitals, orchestra concert, etc.) and parents help celebrate with (something like) the purchase of 2 movie tickets to the student’s favorite movie theater. 

When you’re sick or traveling you can practice by listening, air-bowing, air-fingering, and singing your music or by doing some music theory exercises.


If you don’t think you’re going to practice 100 days in a row, go for this one.  Keep a record of how long you practice each day.  Make a chart. The point of this activity is that the student is watching the total practice time grow.  See how soon your total practice time adds up to 50 hours. Report to your teacher the date you started recording your practice times and the date you achieved 50 hours.  You’ll be recognized at our Group Showcase Concert in May and parents help celebrate with (something like) the purchase of 2 movie tickets to the student’s favorite movie theater. 

Happy Practice!