How to help your child have a good lesson.
1) Help your teacher stay on schedule!  Arrive early. This is a good time to observe.  Your presence is your teacher’s signal to wrap up the previous lesson.  Your lesson will end on time unless the next student arrives late.  In the interest of utilizing all available time, lessons continue until the next student is ready to begin his or her lesson.
2) Have all materials--instrument, music, tape, notebook, and practice assignment pages--ready at the scheduled time for your lesson.  Unpack in the hall and leave your cases there so that the studio will not be crowded.
3) Parents, you’re the home teacher! You must be able to duplicate lesson activities at home.  Please take notes and record each lesson.  Please turn off your cell phone and insist that siblings not interrupt.  Setup a regular home practice time and ask the family to respect it.
4) Please avoid coaching your child during the lesson.  It is confusing to the student to have directions from two people at once.  Lessons are the time to hear from your teacher.
5) HIGH PRIORITY: Plan to come to group lesson. 
6) Check this site, emails and/or the bulletin board calendar for changes.