Suzuki Approach,                                                         Including Suzuki-style group lessons: Age 4 through adult.          

Modified Traditional Approach: Age 13 through adult.

We are devoted to the principles of The Mother Tongue Approach of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.  Dr. Suzuki's ideas shape a life-time of musicianship that can begin at a very early age.  Other teachers and their students join me for group lessons, student performances and workshops.  

Come visit us to observe lessons and events.

Creative Greensboro
200 N. Davie St., Box 2
Greensboro, NC  27401
Cell phone:  336-580-5046



FACE COVERING MUST BE WORN BY ALL IN ATTENDANCE AT GROUP AND INDIVIDUAL LESSONS.  Please wear medically approved coverings. Bandanas and gaiters are not sufficient. We want to limit the number of people in the room so please avoid bringing extra family members or friends. 

COVID VACCINATIONS ARE REQUIRED IN ORDER TO ATTEND INDIVIDUAL IN-PERSON LESSONS.  Before you attend in-person, please email me your vaccination card and a signed liability waiver/image release form.

Individual lessons are available on Zoom, for anyone who wants them, both on a regular basis and for occasional needs. One of the happy outcomes of the past two years is that I haven't been sick at all since Jan. of 2020! I usually catch something awful from my students every semester. Now that we all know how to use Zoom, there is no reason for us to share colds, let alone anything worse!  I have an internet connection in my studio so we may have remote lessons any time we need them.  There will still be times when we will need to reschedule lessons but we won't need to reschedule for things like minor illness or a car that's in the shop!

--Some of the headings, above, have several articles attached to them.  When you click on the heading, the "drop-down" menu appears as a new line of text below the top section.

--Students from other studios may join our group lessons.  Please email Eve at to let her know you plan to attend.  The fall and spring fee is $80 a semester for the first student in a family and $65 a semester for each additional student. The summer fee is $55 for the first student in a family and $50 for each additional student. The activity fee is included in these charges.  Please make your check out to the person who teaches your group.  For the summer groups, that person is Eve Hubbard.  

--I HAVE ROOM IN MY SCHEDULE FOR NEW STUDENTS.  New students may begin instruction at any time.  If you wish to be added to my individual lesson schedule, please read "Before Lessons Start" by clicking in the menu, above.  When you're ready, fill out and submit the forms listed above under "Enrollment Forms" via email. For in-person individual lessons, please also send me a pdf or photo of your covid vaccination cards. Feel free to call with any questions. 

--VIOLIN AND BOWS FOR SALE: I have in my possession several small violins, a fine bow and a couple of full-size student bows that I'm trying to sell for a friend.  For more info, click above on "Violins and Bows for Sale".