Greensboro Cultural Center Building Safety Rules

To:  Tenants, Instructors, Camp Counselors, Campers, Visitors, Volunteers and Parents

To maintain a safe and manageable environment in the Greensboro Cultural Center, the following rules and regulations have been implemented.

1.              All children (12 and under) must be accompanied by an adult at all times, including visits to vending area as well as drop off and pick up.  We will no longer allow parents to drop off children to come through the building alone.  

2.              Children (12 and under) may not be in or walk around the building before or after class unless accompanied by an adult.

3.              Shoes must be worn at all times when in common areas. No bare feet coming in and out of class rooms, studios, etc.

4.              No yelling or running is permitted.  Please remember this is an office building and gallery space for many organizations.  Help us maintain a professional environment. 

5.              No sitting, standing or playing on stairs.

6.              Leave things as you found them, especially in common areas.  If you move furniture (benches, etc...) please return it to its original location. If a mess is made, please clean the area up.

7.              Flush all toilets after use. Do not put paper in the urinals.

8.              Tenants may use the courtyard for lunches however you must check with Barbara McKenzie to see if the space is booked for an event that day.  If you are permitted to use space please pick up all trash and put in cans provided. 


Security Contact Numbers

Office                                         336-373-4758,

Cell                                             336-382-3670

Watch Command              336-373-2330

Thank you in advance for making the Cultural Center a safe and happy place to be.

Barbara McKenzie

Cultural Center/Festival Park, Facility Manager

200 N Davie Street, Suite 307, Box 3 Greensboro, NC 27401

336-373-2712, ext 1, office

336-215-8345, cell