Before the first lesson, observe, read & listen.
1. CONTACT: Email or call (336) 580-5046 to to let us know you're interested. Be sure to put “violin lessons” or “group lessons” in the subject line.
2. OBSERVE: Parents and students should observe several individual and group lessons.  Observation gives everyone an understanding and acceptance of the work ahead. Look under "SCHEDULES" to find "Eve's Lesson Schedule" and "Groups and Events" Schedule to find a good time to observe.  Individual lessons may be observed over Zoom - email Eve for the meeting number and password.  Group lessons may be observed in-person or over Zoom.

The "A" group is the youngest and least advanced, the "D" group is the most advanced.  On "Eve's Lesson Schedule" you will find the time of each student's individual lesson and a letter after each name, indicating the group lesson that each student attends.  

Call Eve Hubbard at (336) 580-5046 the day before you want to observe to make sure everything is running according to schedule and if the lesson really is a good one for you to observe.  Sign in to the Zoom meeting room to observe the lesson and leave when you feel that your child has had enough.  Guests are very welcome at lessons but there usually isn't time to talk with them at the lesson time.  Please call or email with your questions.

3. READ: A packet of articles will be given to you (or emailed to you) when you come to observe.  Read these articles.  

Also, there is a list of recommended reading on the web-site under "Reading to Prepare for Lessons". Most important is Nurtured by Love by Shinichi Suzuki, available at music stores and the Greensboro Public Library.
4. LISTEN: Beginners, purchase the first volume and CD of The Suzuki Violin School.  Most music stores carry the Suzuki materials.  Begin daily listening to the recording right away.  

5. FORMS TO FILL OUT: Several forms are listed on this site under "Enrollment Forms".  
--For individual lessons with Eve Hubbard, please fill out the Schedule Form, the Student Contact Data Form, the Liability Waiver and Image Release forms.  Please send them to her by email.  If there are no openings at the time you send in your form, you will be placed on a waiting list and names of other teachers will be sent to you.  Those who continue to come observe will be given the highest priority when scheduling decisions are made.  If you wish to have in-person individual lessons, please also send a pdf or photo of your family's vaccination cards.
--To join Greensboro Strings only for group lessons (those who go to another Suzuki teacher for their weekly lessons), please fill out the the Student Contact Data Form, the Liability Waiver and Image Release forms and send them to Eve Hubbard by email.
6. GET AN INSTRUMENT after your first lesson has been scheduled: Buy or rent to own. Used instruments are fine.  Straight rental is not recommended: a year of rental payments might have paid for the instrument. Dealers offer many purchasing options and give a sizable credit when you trade in your instrument for the next size.   Dealers will also help you select as size.  A little too small is better than a little too big.  Ask dealers if they will let you take the instrument on approval.  Instruments are often listed for sale through our email list. 

7. DON'T let your child play before lessons.  Children get attached to their experimental ways of playing and are very resistant to correction. We will get more cooperation from for proper playing and practice if this venture is viewed as a privilege that must be earned.  The more "special" you can make it, the more your child will be on board.  

8. DO start daily listening to the Volume 1 CD and start learning the words.  They're on a page called "Poole's Poems" in the packet you receive when you come to observe.