Instruction Format

This is a year-round program.  Students are expected to enroll year-round.  Fall and spring semesters are each 19 weeks long.  The summer session is 8 weeks, with adjustments being made for vacations. Students who enroll mid-semester will pay a prorated fee.  

Individual lessons:  Most students enroll for a 20 or 30-minute weekly individual lesson.  Some students choose to be paired with a lesson partner with whom they share a long semi-private lesson. (For instance, two 20-minute lessons are joined to make a 40-minute lesson.)  Longer lessons are available and the fees will be figured as need arises.  The fee also includes regular group lessons.

Group lessons are an integral part of the Mother-Tongue Approach. Enrollment assumes a commitment to attend a minimum of 60% of group activities.  In addition to individual lessons, students will have group lessons about twice a month, usually on Monday evenings.  Orchestral playing is incorporated in the group schedule.  Group levels and schedules are described on the Calendar of Events.  Refer to this list for class times and dates of all activities.

The cost of group is included in your lesson fee.  Group lessons are conducted through Greensboro Strings Cooperative, coordinated by Eve Hubbard.  The Cooperative consists of several teachers who work together to provide the Suzuki group experience for all of their students.  Students of teachers outside the cooperative may enroll for a fee.

Special Week:  There are several Special Weeks each year.  During Special Week, regular individual lessons are suspended in favor of group activities.