The summer groups are kind of crazy but fun.  Since I never know who's in town, all levels meet together.  We work on the early literature for the first 45 min. then do later pieces and technique for another 20 min.  Then, if those in Book 3 and up still have the energy (and most kids really want to stay for this part) we prepare some ensemble music.  Though none are planned at this point, we usually do some group performances during the summer.

Here's the plan so far.

Violin Group lessons will be on Mon. nights in Room 121 from June 17 through July 29.

For most Mondays, the schedule will be:

     6:00 EVERYBODY--We'll play pieces from Books 1-3.  

       Advanced students attend the entire time.  

            They have advanced review assignments and play advanced duets.  

                  Students in Book 4 need to own:

                      --77 variations on Suzuki Melodies by William Starr

                      --Suzuki: Duets for Violins

     6:45 We'll play pieces from Books 4 & up and advanced technique work; 

     7:20 to 8:30 will be orchestra, starting with intermediate music then advanced.  

GROUP ONLY:  Students from other studios may join our group lessons.  The fall and spring fee is $80 a semester for the first student in a family and $65 a semester for each additional student. The summer fee is $55 for the first student in a family and $50 for each additional student. The activity fee is included in these charges.  Please make your check out to the person who teaches your group.  For the summer groups, that person is Eve Hubbard.

Group performances: 

LeBauer Park at 6:30 on Mon. July 29 and

The Music Center Open House at 6:30 on Fri. Aug. 2

Details at