Covered-Dish Assignments 2019

Everyone brings food to contribute to the COVERED-DISH SUPPER on May 21.  
Below is the explanation of what you should bring and a request for helpers.

Please email Eve,, to let her know if:
         --You can be one of the helpers. 
         --You would rather bring supplies instead of food.
Teenagers are expected to work, too.
Please don't feel any pressure to move furniture if you have any physical problems!

If the first letter of your last name begins with a letter between "A" and "K", 
please bring a dessert and a side-dish large enough to serve 12.
If the first letter of your last name begins with a letter between "L" and "Z" 
please bring an entree large enough to serve 12.

We need some people to bring one or more of these items instead of food.  
Let me know if you'd like to do this.  We need 150 of each.
PAPER GOODS—I know we need heavy-duty plates and napkings. We may have enough cups.  I’ll take inventory this week and give you a count.
PLASTIC TABLEWARE—We may have enough.  I’ll take inventory this week and give you a count.
DRINKS--We need 3 families to bring a cooler with a bag of ice and the equivalent of four 2 liter bottles of drinks of your choice (water included.)

--5:30 to move & setup folding tables and chairs.  
--Organize serving tables.

We need 3 or 4 parents to help with serving. 
People can generally serve themselves, but someone needs to make sure that
children take reasonable amounts and assure them that they can come back 
for more.

--Wrap up or throw away food and wipe tables and sweep.
--Rack tables and chairs and return them to storage.