Brillante is the performing tour group of Greensboro Strings, a violin instructional program dedicated to Shinichi Suzuki’s Mother Tongue Approach.  Brillante is committed to the use of public performance as an educational tool for its students and for the artistic benefit of its audiences.  Members will be required to prepare challenging repertoire at an exceptionally high level and become knowledgeable of its historical and cultural aspects.  Through group activities, fundraising, and performance opportunities, the students will develop strong relationships with each other and the local community.





Students must be able to play at a minimum level comparable to Volume 4 of the Suzuki Violin School to qualify for the tour group. 


Members must be currently registered for individual lessons AND group lessons for the entire year in order to qualify for the tour group.


Attendance at all Greensboro Strings rehearsals and group events is required. Any absences should be submitted in writing to your group's teacher the week before the expected absence.  Notices of emergency absences should be both emailed AND telephoned before rehearsal, if possible. 

Excused absences will be granted for sickness, family emergencies, school required events.  A maximum of 2 unexcused absences per semester are allowed.


ALL repertoire must be memorized and polished to performance level and will be evaluated by the teachers leading the group.


Students will be expected to do most of the preparation at home, along with the help of their individual lesson teacher.  They should not expect to learn the music at rehearsals.  Rehearsals are to work on musical ideas and playing as an ensemble.


Students will be required to purchase a ½ inch, black, 3-ring binder to hold all music and handouts.  DO NOT USE CLEAR PLASTIC PAGE PROTECTORS for music pages. Hole reinforcement rings are encouraged.


Members are required to procure the following items.

Boys: ALL BLACK dress pants, black dress shoes and socks, long sleeved black dress shirt.

Girls: ALL BLACK dress pants or skirts (knee length or longer), long sleeved, black dressy top (conservative neck line), black closed-toe dressy shoes (maximum 1 ½ inch heel) and black dress socks/hose, opaque black tights if wearing a skirt.


Members must be in concert attire for the annual group photo.  This year’s group photo will be taken on Friday, Oct 4.


Members must learn to pronounce the name of the group properly.

"Bree", like brie cheese.
"LAHN" (the accented syllable)
This is where the word is most different from the English translation "brilliant".
"LL" like any English "L", the tip of the tongue flips on the ridge behind your upper teeth.
There is no "i" or "y" sound after the LL's.  
This is not like double L's in Spanish or occasionally in French.
"Teh" like you're getting ready to say "Ted" but leave the "d" off. 


SCHEDULES:  The schedule for the year will be sent via email and posted on the Greensboro Strings’ website at the beginning of September.  Please make sure you can receive our emails.  Schedule changes will also be sent via email and posted on the website. 

A hard copy of the schedule will also be given out at the second Group Class on Monday, September 16, and should be placed in the students’ black binders.  Part assignments will also be given out at this time. 

REHEARSALS:  Rehearsals will follow the Greensboro Strings Group calendar schedule, meeting on Monday nights from 7:30-8:30pm, with an additional Friday rehearsal from 5-6:30pm, once a month.  All rehearsals will be held at the Cultural Arts Center unless otherwise noted. 

GERMANY/AUSTRIA Tour in 2015:  A parent meeting will be held on Monday, September 9, 2013 at 6:30pm.   David Nelson, our trip coordinator, will present an overview of the trip that is planned for 2015. Fundraising will be addressed, and parents will have the opportunity to sign up to assist in this important facet of our Tour Group.