One fine violin (full-size) and three fine bows. 
To sell to someone in the Greensboro, NC area.  
I can't ship these; I'm hoping someone within driving range will want them.
Call 336-580-5046 to schedule an appointment.

The violin is Elaine Campbell's gig violin.  She no longer plays but was a fantastic violinist and ran a very active music booking agency in the Greensboro Area for about 20 years.  If you ever played a reception or outdoor concert with her, this is the sound you heard: projected nuance, sweet and bold. The violin would be great for a serious high-school student or as a "gig violin" for a professional.  (It's pretty darn sweet, actually.)  
It's label lists the maker as Doerffell, made in Klingenhall in 1757.
$3500.00. Reduced TO $3,000.00

These are also her bows.
1. My favorite is a Roth bow but the label has been obscured.  For that reason, it's only priced at $1300.00.  It practically plays itself.

2. A Gebruder-Schoster bow for $2,300.00.

3. A Rudi Steiner bow with a repaired head for $300.00.  Splines are considered to be a trust-worthy repair.  Buying a bow that is repaired in this way is an affordable way to possess a fine bow.