This is our annual, free-spirited, concert of Holiday music.  All students participate.  Friends and family are invited to attend the concert, sing &/or play their own instruments along with the familiar songs.  Included in our tradition is an annual pizza supper and rehearsal of the Holiday music during the week before Thanksgiving. 

We consider the preparation of this concert to be the beginning of our “Note-reading Season” though all students are included in the event, regardless of level.  

Those in Suzuki  Book 2 and up, please focus on developing note-reading rather than on learning more pieces. Decide with your teacher how many pieces you will learn.   Students “earn” permission to play the pieces by understanding the written music. 

Those in Groups E & F,please challenge yourself by learning more harmony parts and by choosing advanced fingering.  Pay special attention to phrasing and articulation.  ALSO, PLAN TO LEAD A PART; ASSIGNMENTS MADE AT GROUP.


This is a list of the pieces in the order of difficulty.  A list of the concert order is in the last section.


           * indicates instrumental pieces, requiring attendance at 3 of these group lessons or more: 

           @ Indicates pieces to be played at the Candle Tea    

Please put your music in 3-ring binders.  Be sure to use binders that will lie flat.  

Please arrange your music in concert order, as listed on page 4.

For any piece you aren't playing, make a page with the name of that piece on it and place it in the appropriate spot in your binder.  That way you'll know when to wait for that piece to be played (or when to sing along.)

There is a rehearsal attendance requirement for performing instrumental pieces: 

      You must attend 3 of the 4 rehearsals.

For the Schedule, click on "Holiday Sing-Along Rehearsal Schedule" on the bottom row, above.

Beginning Songs:

      Jingle Bells – handout (NOT Kaleidescope,) includes part for non-readers. 

@   Pat-A-Pan – handout, includes part for non-readers.

Suzuki Tunes:

Advanced students play duets from Suzuki duet book.

@   Twinkle in key of D - Suzuki

      Jingle Bells – handout (NOT Kaleidescope,) includes part for non-readers. 

@   Go Tell Aunt Rhody - in key of D and repeat 1st line 

@   O Come Little Children

*     Chorus 

Christmas Kaleidescope Book 1 (purple)

Jolly Old St. Nicholas, p. 3

@ Away In A Manger, p. 10

@ Joy to the World, p. 16

Christmas Kaleidescope Book 2 (pink)

@ O Little Town of Bethlehem, p. 5

@ Masters In This Hall, p. 15


Jingle Bells


We Wish You a Merry Christmas - handout (NOT Kaleidescope)


*Jingle Bell Rock


*Toy Symphony

*Pastorale from Messiah by Handel