Hello, All,

Here's my first attempt at figuring out how to divide all of our current students into group levels.  We can adjust if it seems that you're in the wrong place.  Once we get it figured out, the plan is for you to stay in your group all year.

Please note that the meaning of any particular group level does not stay the same from year to year.  For instance, sometimes Group A has students who play 13 pieces in Book 1. Other years, it's mostly Pre-Twinklers.  It just depends on the levels of our current students.  Current piece, age, speed of learning and reading level are all taken into consideration.

Find your name in a group below. Then see where and when your group meets this Monday, Sept. 9.

If I've left you out by mistake, please let me know and we'll find the right place for you.

I hope to see you soon.



Emerson Black

Bea Click

Antonio Erausquin

Angelo Hester

Ananya Karthik

Feyza Oguz

Bella Pritchett

Rigg  Salter

Wesley Wenger

Oliver Zavitz

Lia Zeller


Isa Erausquin

Briar Goodrich

Valentina Hammond

Ethan Heo

Julia Pieck

Simone Tockman

Soraya Zavitz


Jeremiah Johnson

Aimee Guan

Leena Guan

Bob Hicks

Kaley Jeon

Tilley Grace Kirkland

Abby Xiang

Jimmy Xiang


Matthew Cooper

Kierstin Davis

Ivy Goodrich

George Jia

Audrey Ludyjan

Oscar Mattocks

Sema Oguz

Mary Kenzie Parsons

Bethany Terrell

Aurelia Wilder

Sophia Zavitz


London Baker

Sydney Bowen

Myles Cooper

Nicholas Cuc

Judy Kim

Reina Liu

Emma  Schell

Sabrina Sligh

Heather Sligh

Emma  Wang


Honour An`  Carter-Davis

Hope Linh  Carter-Davis

Santina Hampton

Nel Koenig

Anya Lawe

Salil Pai

Penelope  Sligh

Newton Wainscott