Effective August 3, 2022


Fully vaccinated students and parents may have in-person individual lessons; masks required.  Unvaccinated students may have individual lessons on Zoom.  Both vaccinated and unvaccinated people are welcome at group lessons as long as they are wearing masks.


Individual lessons: Students may enroll for 20 or 30-minute lessons or may combine those increments to create longer lessons.  Some students work with a lesson partner.  Partners' lessons are scheduled one after the other; each pay for one lesson but attend a double lesson.  This option enhances many of the aspects of Dr. Suzuki's Mother Tongue Approach.  (See brochure.)
Group lessons and ensemble: Everyone participates in group lessons, which usually meet about twice a month on Mon. evenings.  The fee is included in the tuition.  "See Calendar of Events" for the schedule of main events, for group procedure, for the description of each group level and for the times of each group meeting.

            One student in the family enrolled- $30.00 for fall and spring; $20 for summer.

            Two or more students in the family enrolled - $35.00 for fall and spring; $25.00 for summer.

This fee is to be included in your tuition check. This fee pays for your SmarMusic membership, accompanists, and special program needs.

Includes regularly scheduled lessons, group lessons, recitals, group performances, and "special week" activities.  Although students receive much more than the individual lesson, the length of the individual lesson is used to determine fees.  This is a year-round program.  Students are expected to enroll year-round.  Fall and spring semesters are each 19 weeks long.  Students who enroll mid-semester will pay a prorated fee.  The summer fee listed is for an 8-week summer session.  The actual summer fee will depend on the number of lessons that can be scheduled. Students receive a bill near the beginning of each semester. 

Lesson length: 20 min.
Add activity fee.

19 week semester fee $392.54

3% early pay discount $380.76

8 week summer fee $168.00

summer 3% early pay disc. $162.96

Lesson length: 30 min.

Add activity fee.

19 week semester fee   $598.50

3% early pay discount   $580.50

8 week summer fee $252.00

summer 3% early pay disc. $244.44

Lesson length: 40 min.

(includes family discount)
Add activity fee.

19 week semester fee $742.14

3% early pay discount $718.20

8 week summer fee $312.48

summer 3% early pay disc. $302.40

GROUP-ONLY: Students from other studios may join our group lessons.

            Fall and Spring tuition - $80.00; Additional family members - $55.00

            Summer - $55.00; additional family members - $35.00


Group-only students may also take advantage of our group cost of a subscription to Smartmusic for $14.99 per year, per family. Tell Eve Hubbard, evesviolin@aol.com, if you want a subscription.


Payments may be made by check or via Venmo.

Mail checks to Eve Hubbard, 510 Mayflower Dr., Greensboro, NC. My Venmo user name is Eve-Hubbard-1  

Early payment discount-There is a 3% discount if payment is made in full by the second week of each semester.
Family discount-For a full semester of lessons that total at least 40 minutes a week there is a 7% discount.
Early payment and family discounts may be combined for a 10% discount.
Installment payments-Half of the fee is due 2 weeks after bills are available.  The balance may be paid in two equal monthly installments, completing payment within 8 weeks.

Continuous enrollment is assumed unless you tell me otherwise.  A 30-day notice is expected if you plan to stop study.  If you give notice at the last lesson of a semester or at the end of summer vacation, you will still be liable for 30 more days of fees.

To cancel a lesson, leave a voice or text message. NOT EMAIL.

Eve Hubbard's cell (336) 580-5046.  
I don't look at email every day. Be sure I get urgent messages by using the telephone.