Please begin recording your pieces on SmartMusic on Feb. 22 and send them to Eve by Wed. Mar. 3

I. Repertory list

A. From the Suzuki literature

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star: Variations B & C (“1, 2, stop, go” and “zip-little, zap-little,) and the Theme 

USE THE VERSION IN A MAJOR THAT I HAVE SHARED WITH YOU, ON SMARTMUSIC.  Record at the tempo in which the file opens.

—Use the “Full Performance” version on SmartMusic for each of these pieces:

Lightly Row, tempo 54=half note (108=quarter note)

May Song, tempo 108=quarter  note

Andantino, tempo 60=half note (120=quarter note)

Minuet 2, tempo 116=quarter note


—After you have prepared and recorded everything else that you will play, you may also prepare and record the duet to these pieces.

—The duet to Twinkle is included in the version I shared with you on SmartMusic.

—The other duets may be found in the book, Suzuki Duets for Violin, which you should own, and on Smartmusic.  


B. Lift Every Voice and Sing—tempo 72=dotted quarter note

Everyone can play Violin 2.

Once you have mastered that, move on, in this order.

Violin 1

Violin 3

Violin 4

Violin 5

C. Finale from the Overture to William Telltempo 112=quarter note 

All note-readers Prepare and record as many parts as you are able to do well, starting with:

Beginning Violin part, then, in this order,

Easy Violin,

Violin 1

Violin 2

Violin 3

Advanced students will substitute a few measures in Violin 1 with faster music that is more like the original. These excerpts have been sent on email.

D. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik—tempo 116=quarter note 

Groups E & F, some members of Group D

(At 116, you may be able to do some real trills, starting with the upper note.  Don’t feel that you must.)

On SmartMusic, use the version by MakeMusic. NOT the one by Belwin.

Use the bowing on your pdf; NOT that in SmartMusic.

Group F, record all 3 parts if you can. Start with Violin 1, then move on to Violin 3, then Violin 2

Group E, record all 3 parts if you can. Start with Violin 2, then Violin 3, 

then Violin 1

Group D, start with Violin 3, then Violin 2.


It’s time for you to start recording!

All of the repertory is on SmartMusic 

“Twinkle” and “Lift Every Voice” are in your “Shared With Me” folder. (Tell me if you’re missing something.) Click on the title, then click on the title again.

Everything else is in SmartMusic’s library.  You find those by putting the title in the search bar to the right of your SmartMusic home page.

I want you to remember, as you make your recordings, that we want to have a challenge that is also enjoyable.  Record only the pieces you know and only as much as you can without stressing out.  We’ve all learned A LOT with this project!  If we manage to have some recordings when we’re done, it will be “icing on the cake”.  I’m very impressed with all of you, parents and students alike!

Instructions for recording are listed below.  For extra help, our own resident SmartMusic expert, Nicholas Cuc, has said that he will be making a tutorial that pertains directly to recording these pieces. I’ll send you the link to his tutorial as soon as it’s ready. 

    1. Please use the “Full Performance” version of the Suzuki tunes.
    2. Please use the tempo listed beside each piece, above.  
    3. Turn “My Part” off and turn the volume of the metronome and the accompaniment as low as possible for you to play well.
    4. To record: a. Open a piece.  b. Click the red “record” button to play along with SmartMusic. c. Click on “Tracks” to listen to your recording.  If you like it, download it to your computer. 
    5. Before you send me your recording, please change the title of the file.  Include your name, the piece and the part you’re playing. Use the initials of the titles for abbreviation.
    6. Send me your recording on email.
    7. If you run into problems let me know and I’ll try to solve them. 
    8. This email is also posted on my website at: